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No name, Photography Hicham Gardaf, Tangier 2015



« I work in between the cracks, where the voice starts dancing, where the body starts singing, where theater becomes cinema. » said Meredith Monk about her creative process. In my opinion, creation, same as the thinking, befalls in trajectory. I am thus interested about hybrid forms and mix mediums. The production disciplinary is not anymore a settle point, it becomes an element without importance. Each creation is part of a puzzle where everything is linked and where everything communicates like in synergy. It surfes in between gelated objects, photographic or videographic materials, and bodies set in motion in living pieces.


Resonating bodies

I created about ten performances between 2009 and 2016. As a co-founder of Collectif Experiencia in 2011, I co-directed with Raul Zbengheci and choreographed « LightVVork Experimental Opera , a piece for 5 performers. This project was designed in the goal to deflect the performing arts stage, especially the in opera genre ; and developped the question of « disexualized » body and the violence of sexualizing bodies. The piece was the result of a workshop during which we tested multitudes of exercices on the resonating bodies and collective unconscious. The performance was presented twice in Paris. 


The double

In 2011, I presented at the 6B Art Space, a performance titled « The golden pin », which consisted of sink into my double created in silicone material, hundreds of pins, one after the other, one next to the other, in a particular rythm, in a floatted temporality, almost endless. The same year I test a street performance in Avignon city with an abstract of Antonin Artaud, I don't delimitate the scene in order to provoke a reaction on the audience. The piece is called « I did my shit in Avignon et les gens ont applaudi » (I did my shit in Avignon and people applauded »). Then I presented a 4 hours minimalist performance piece : « Vibrations. 240 » (2013), invisible and almost in the Esoterics language, I tried to reveal the elements and people energies on the Simone de Beauvoir footbridge. The bystanders and audience questionned themselves : they could read the manifesto that was given the intention, but remained sceptical. However, they stayed sitted alone or in a group, thanks to the festival Oidem, and engaged themselves into influencing the performance without completely noticing.



Bend the contexts

Passionnated by the Mena region, I decide to work in the creation of a contemporary experimental theater based on Mahmoud Darwich's voice, mixing languages and contexts. I present the work in progress of my creation « Artificial moon on the Red Indies », in august 2016 at the Confluence Art Space. Questionned by the identity matters, and territories, I write my Master degree thesis on Palestine as a concept of an artistic deterritorialization. I am currently theater director at The Laboratory of arrogant indigenous « Denaska Kreo » (which means the indigenous and burth of creation in esperanto language.



The interior scream

I studied photography making with Juliano Grinblatt at Hunter College (City Unviersity of New-York) at the visual arts department, while I was an exchange student for 6 months in 2013. In 2014, I do 3 months research in Cairo, and by exploring the city, I try to highlight the initmate poetry of the personnified ancestral city. The photography series is entitled « The implosive القا هرة : صرخة داخلية», it is black and white, some parts are destroyed by a chemical product, and it questions the chornological time into social anthropology. I exhibited in 2015 the series in a photo gallery/ book library in Tangier in Morrocco (Les insolites, Stéphanie Gaou). I wrote for the occasion bribes of poems suspended in the matter ; on the subject of identity and metropolis. 


Presence on stage

I received education on acting, performance-art, and dance through a few masterclasses. As an actress, I am directed by Urszula Mikos and Michelle Kokosowski among others. I worked on Claire's rôle in « The maids » by Jean Genet on a project directed by Babak Farahani as part of his doctorate research (Private Open Studio at Regard du Cygne studio, 2016), among other art movies projects (Orlan Roy, Frédérique Devillez, Nathaniel Drapper) and theater projects (Geneviève Schwoebel, Urszula Mikos, Claude Zorzi...). I also experiment a video improvisation « My seed or nothing », based on Ophelia character from « Hamlet Machine » by Heiner Müller (2013).


Past Exhibition

Librairie Les Insolites

5-26 septembre 2015

Tangier, Morroco




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