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experimental opera

by Collectif Experiencia


Language of understanding is  possibly less efficient than language of absurdity. Is there a way to impact art consumers in the direction of the society's evolution? It is likely we could unblocked ourselves or gaining sense through visions thanks to trauma. We must work on the audience as guinea-pigs of itself.

Under the impulse of a passionate artistic meeting with the americano-romanian artist Raul Zbengheci, we co-funded the Collectif Experiencia in 2011 and we created the Lightvvork project, sort of performative anti-opera. It is calling in questions the institutional rigidity and the bourgeois's codification in the artistic world on one hand, and the numeric actuality (becoming machine?) on the other hand. We also evoked the incapacity to evolve spiritually when we are marked by a past of xenophobia and gender duality, as some things deeply  anchored in our memories.

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